Entry #1

So You May Have Noticed a Lot of My Art Has Gone Missing

2016-11-28 20:52:27 by StudioPEP

No, I wasn't hacked. I'm doing a drastic overhaul of my Newgrounds account. Unlike my Twitter and Tumblr, I'm going to be a lot more decisive about the kind of art I upload here, as I want to treat this account going forward as a portfolio of my best work (which basically meant no art from 2014).

I've also removed my webcomic from here since I realize now that it's not an appropriate place to post it (took me long enough). You can still find it at katieanderson.smackjeeves.com or tapastic.com/series/katieanderson. I'm also no longer going to respond to messages or make news posts here simply for convenience's sake.

It would honestly be much easier to reach me on Twitter (twitter.com/spepofficial) or Tumblr (studiopep.tumblr.com). If you need me, my DMs are always open!


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