So You May Have Noticed a Lot of My Art Has Gone Missing

2016-11-28 20:52:27 by StudioPEP

No, I wasn't hacked. I'm doing a drastic overhaul of my Newgrounds account. Unlike my Twitter and Tumblr, I'm going to be a lot more decisive about the kind of art I upload here, as I want to treat this account going forward as a portfolio of my best work (which basically meant no art from 2014).

I've also removed my webcomic from here since I realize now that it's not an appropriate place to post it (took me long enough). You can still find it at or I'm also no longer going to respond to messages or make news posts here simply for convenience's sake.

It would honestly be much easier to reach me on Twitter ( or Tumblr ( If you need me, my DMs are always open!